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Vegan Blueberry Scones (Easy & Healthy!)

Learn how to make the best vegan scones from scratch with this easy recipe! They’re soft, moist, and tender – even with no eggs or dairy. Juicy blueberries fill every bite, and a special ingredient gives these healthy homemade scones that classic rich “bakery-style” flavor. They’re great for weekend brunches and even a midweek breakfast treat – because you only need 1 bowl and 30 minutes to make them!


best vegan scones – healthy vegan blueberry scones – homemade bakery-style scones that are moist, tender, egg free, dairy free & easy to make

During college, I challenged myself to

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My 5 Favorite Things About Living in San Diego

Four people standing in the water at Coronado Beach near San Diego, California – photo by Amy Atherton (Amy's Healthy Baking)

Within the past few weeks, two close friends pointed out how long it’s been since I last published a Coffee Break style post, where I give you a glimpse into what’s going on in my life behind the scenes of baking and blogging. Somewhere between that last post and now, I started to worry that many people only cared about the recipes… So I pulled back and pressed the virtual “pause” button on these life

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Healthy Oatmeal Raisin Snack Cake

Learn how to make the best healthy oatmeal snack cake from scratch with this easy recipe! It’s really tender and moist with lots of soft oats, cozy spices, and flavorful raisins found in every bite. Deliciously comforting yet not too sweet, this simple cake also makes for a lovely breakfast – and it reminds me of my favorite oatmeal raisin cookies!


easy healthy oatmeal cake filled with spices & raisins – low fat square slices made without butter or sugar

I’m partnering with Bob’s Red Mill® to bring you today’s recipe! Their products

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Healthy Ice Cream Recipes | Amy’s Healthy Baking

These balanced ice product recipes are sweet, creamy, and perfect for summer time — or whenever you are craving ice product! They are all effortless to make with considerably less than 5 minutes of prep. Luxuriously clean with a tender-serve regularity, they are comprehensive of rich taste and basically melt in your mouth. Quick, straightforward, and delicious — the best kind of dessert!


collage of easy & healthy homemade ice cream recipes to try – includes scoops of chocolate, vanilla, oreo cookies 'n cream & chai spice

Throughout the summers of my childhood, all-around my birthday, my brother’s birthday,

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Kauai Vacation Guide (For First-Timers & Repeat Visitors!)

Grand Hyatt lagoon pool at sunset (Poipu, Koloa, Kauai) – Kauai Vacation Guide by Amy's Healthy Baking

I did something big for the first time in 9 ½ years… And in hindsight, I can’t believe I waited that long.

I took a 10-day vacation.

And not just anywhere…

To Kauai.

My family and I took our first trip to that island way back in 1996. We regularly vacationed there many summers throughout the decades that followed, often at the same time as my grandparents (they went every year!), but somehow, nearly 10

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Healthy Pumpkin Spice Granola | Amy’s Healthy Baking

Learn how to make the best pumpkin spice granola with this easy recipe! Cozy spices and comforting pumpkin flavor fill every bite of this homemade granola. It also has lots of big crunchy clusters because of a special baking trick — no oil required! Snack on it plain, sprinkle it over yogurt, pour it in a bowl with a splash of milk… It tastes delicious any which way you eat it!


homemade healthy pumpkin spice granola – easy recipe with crunchy clusters – vegan, gluten free, no sugar or oil

Almost every morning during

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Healthy Carrot Oatmeal Scones | Amy’s Healthy Baking

Learn how to make healthy carrot oatmeal scones from scratch with this simple recipe! They’re moist inside with a hint of a crust on the outside, and plenty of soft oats, tender carrots, and cozy spices fill every bite. These scones taste lovely plain, warm, and fresh from the oven, or you can top them with a bit of butter, jam, or even a cream cheese drizzle as an extra treat. Although wholesome enough (and

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Creamy Salmon Pasta | Healthy Delicious

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Creamy salmon pasta with tons of lemon and garlic is the perfect marriage of comfort and protein. If you want a dinner that feels fancy but is easy enough for a weeknight, this is absolutely the recipe for you!

An overhead view of salmon pasta with spinach and cream sauce  in a wide blue pan.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:

When it comes to food, I like to keep things simple.

You don’t need to go out to a fancy restaurant

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How To Cook Quinoa (+ 16 Ways To Use It!)

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It’s easy to cook the perfect pot of fluffy quinoa when you know the right method! You’ll love using this gluten-free grain in all of your favorite soups, salads, and side dishes. 

Overhead view of a bowl of quinoa on a wooden serving board. A spoon of quinoa is in front of the bowl.

Are certain ingredients or food groups that, when you think about it, you realize you eat way more often than you ever would have guessed?

For me, that’s quinoa.

It’s not something that I think about often,

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Sheet Pan Chicken And Gnocchi [Video]

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One pan, no fuss! This sheet pan chicken and gnocchi recipe is the perfect weeknight dinner. Ready in just 30 minutes!

Sheet Pan Chicken and Gnocchi with Broccoli Rabe on a dark wood cutting board, with parmesan cheese and red pepper flakes in small bowls.

Sheet Pan Chicken and Gnocchi with Broccoli Rabe: A Weeknight Game-Changer

I can barely contain my excitement – I’m absolutely giddy over this recipe!

The other day, a few friends and I were talking about what we thought this year’s recipe trends would be. (It’s the kind of

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